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Who We Are

Tenplus Capitals Co., Ltd is the Reliable, Transparent, Strategic & Synergized Partners with professional experience in creating & innovating the valued investment for local & international investors/buyers. Partnership with us, your Asset, Investment & Property is highly created & innovated in Value.

Our Business Activity
Joint-Venture Investment Consultant
2. Property Management
3. Property Development Consultant
4. Property Consultation.

Our Business Philosophy

Integrity is the CORE VALUE of the great Teamwork. IF you can not COMPETE, COOPERATE OBSCURITY is the biggest problem for ENTREPRENEUR.

Domination is for the Champion. COMPETITION is for everyone. When the VALUE exceeds PRICE, People PAY for.People Pay for SOLUTION, not EXCUSE. It is not the BIG that eats the SMALL. it is the FAST that eats the SLOW. It is about Cheetah, not Zebra.

Company Culture

1. LOVE what we hate & love to do it best of possibles.
2. RESPECT regardless of race, religion, color and gender and language.
3. SHARE what matter related to career & life.
4. SHARPEN Keep Yours Current.
5. MORE Exceed Expectation.

Our Goal In Future

In The Next 10 Years

1. Being a leading property investment & development consultant nationwide.
2. Being a leading property investment company nationwide.
3. Being a leading property development company nationwide.
4. Being a leading property management company nationwide.
5. Being a leading lender to small property investor/buyer nationwide.

Our Core Values

1. #Integrity : The QUALITY of HONESTY and ABILITY of doing what RIGHT without other to control.

2. #Synergy : It is the commitment to COLLABORATE, INTEGRATE and LEVERAGE with other potentially qualified people in order to get manual benefit.

3. #Innovation : Innovation is the Key to domination in market place.

4. #Responsibility : It is the DUTY for everyone to do to create SUCCESS regardless of whatever.

5. #Professionalism : It is the SET of complete TOOLS to create WOW from customers in term of Language, Paperwork, Uniform, Grooming and Processing.

6. #Values Added : When VALUE exceeds Price, People Give You MONEY. If not for the VALUE, you are BROKE. It is not the Price that people don’t buy. It is the VALUE!

7. #Transparency : Lack of hidden agendas or conditions, accompanied by the availability of full information required for collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision making.

8. #Communication: Business Fails because of NO communication. Communication is Sales that is Life Blood of Business Success. We communicate internally & externally with FTF, DAI & latest technology means.

9. #Current Knowledge Skill: Keep yourself GREEN is the best way to GROW. It is the Ability to keep yourself CURRENT in any skills and knowledge so that you can grow fast.

10. #TenX (10X) : It is the ABILITY to MULTIPLY your action, thinking, time, communication & support to dominate your competitors. ENOUGH # MORE – GOOD # GREAT.